The Men in Black Umpire Camp (M.I.B) is the entity which is responsible for the training, evaluation, and recommendation for promotion, retention, or release of all umpires in the American West League Baseball system.

M.I.B mission is to promote and foster good will with camaraderie between and amongst Baseball Umpires of all skill levels and abilities. To have a forum available to the Baseball Community, which will enable the M.I.B. Umpire Camps, to train, educate and promote continuing education thru highly skilled and competent instructors who can convey their expertise with techniques in a clear and concise manner. It is with this philosophy that we the founders of MIB Umpire Camps welcome all skill leveled Officials to our highly competitive camps, to learn the basics and explore the advanced mechanics. Learning from the best, we offer training in the art of 2, 3 and 4 Man Systems.

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