Why American West Baseball League?

American West Baseball League remains a sought-after property for national companies and organizations who want to reach millions of consumers. Here are just a few of the reasons why a partnership with Independent Minor League Baseball is a home run!


Promotion Customization and Affordability: American West Baseball League’s sponsorship is customized to meet the client’s goals and budgets.


Sponsor Satisfaction: American West Baseball League has conducted successful marketing campaigns for a diverse partner list.


Regional Reach: American West Baseball League has an expansive reach to 3 states. A program can be customized to as few as one team or as many as 8 teams.


Fan Base: Minor League Baseball boasted an overall attendance of more than 41 million fans in 2011! And with a fan demographic of nearly the same percentage of women as men, it’s an opportunity to reach both audiences.


Close Ties to Local Communities: American West Baseball League offers grassroots marketing at its best! Build strong relationships with consumers by interacting with them face to face!


Customer Service: American West Baseball League assigns each sponsor and/or agency a personal, day-to-day contact at our office to ensure all goals are met.


American West Baseball League Marketing Staff

Our staff has more than 20 years of combined experience working in the baseball industry. We work with both clients and agencies to help them achieve their sponsorship and marketing objectives. Our top priority is to implement a program that meets your or your client’s goals and customize a program that can offer a variety of channels to reach fans.

For more information on becoming an American West Baseball League corporate partner, contact Sean Smock at commissioner@americanwestbl.com or 888-932-2444.

American West Baseball League
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