Joico K-Pak Hair Care Products

Modify and reinforce your hair with Joico K-PAK. Containing profound entering recipes that will leave your hair frizz free and plush delicate. For a definitive in solid hair, K-PAK items remake and secure harmed hair. Hidratação de Cabelos

With the most noteworthy convergence of Quadramine Complex in its equations, K-PAK conveys a definitive in solid hair. K-PAK items work synergistically to revamp, reproduce, fortify and ensure harmed hair.

K-Pak Rescue Your Hair Pack

Fix Your Hair with the Joico K-PAK hair fix routine unit.

Stage 1: K-Pak Shampo * Gently washes down as it remakes to reestablish hair’s flexibility, quality and sparkle.

Stage 2: K-Pak Conditioner * Delivers the exact measure of every day molding expected to remake the hair inside and at fingernail skin level.

Stage 3: K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor * Offers the most extreme in hair remaking and insurance, reestablishing powerless and harmed hair to its unique quality and condition.

Stage 4: K-Pak Intense Hydrator * Restores dampness to excessively dry, harmed hair, leaving it delicate, gleaming, hydrated and reasonable.

K-Pak Sun Therapy ON THE GO Kit

Intended for: Sun-harmed, dry, got dried out hair.


50ml – K-Pak Sun Therapy Shampoo

50ml – K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk

50ml – K-Pak Sun Therapy Treatment Masque


  • This delicate, shading safe cleanser highlighting Joico’s Quadramine Complex together with Hydroxy Sun Complex washes down and fixes sun-harmed hair.
  • This strongly saturating shading safe Treatment Masque includes the most elevated grouping of Joico’s elite Hydroxy Sun Complex for the best fortifying and dampness renewal by filling openings consumed into the fingernail skin by the sun.
  • This lightweight, shading safe leave-in Protective Spray consolidates the reconstructive intensity of Joico’s selective Hydroxy Sun Complex with the most noteworthy force of Covabsorb a ground-breaking mix of three full range UV protectants to fix and shield the hair from future sun harm. For use on wet or dry hair during extensive stretches of sun presentation, this item leaves hair hydrated, adapted and secured against future harm.
  • Hair is additionally recharged with supplements, dampness and quality that sun has stripped away.

K-Pak Chelating Shampoo

Intended for Swimmers, routinely vigorously styled hair and individuals who live in hard water territories. This expert quality chelator expels chlorine, which can turn blonde hair green, and leaves hair feeling saturated and adapted. Additionally phenomenal for expelling styling item develop and mineral stores brought about by hard water.

K-Pak Conditioner

This dampness rich day by day conditioner recreates and reinforces harmed hair. Detangles and dispenses with static while leaving the hair smooth, satiny and glossy. Advances imperativeness and ricochet. Banana melon scent.

Use: After shampooing, apply to soggy hair and leave in for one moment. Wash. Pursue with K-Pak Reconstructor or Leave-In Protectant, if necessary.

K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

The first profound infiltrating reconstructive treatment. This extreme escalated reconstructor goes past reinforcing. K-Pak reconstructs and improves the quality and structure of the hair making it sound once more. K-Pak gives a definitive in hair reproduction. Advances essentialness and ricochet. Tropical and new natural product scent.

Use: Apply to spotless, clammy hair. Leave in for five minutes. Wash. Utilize one to multiple times every week relying upon level of harm.

K-Pak Intense Hydrator

Intended for: Overly dry, harmed, artificially treated or crimped hair.

  • Restores dampness to excessively dry, harmed hair.
  • Conditioners, lanolin and shea margarine fill in lost lipids in the fingernail skin.
  • Silicone secures dampness, seals the sparkle.
  • Improves sensibility and flexibility.
  • Increases hair’s wellbeing with Joico’s Triamine Complex, a selective mix of protein-building amino acids.

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