Childproof Packaging: What to Expect in 2020 and Beyond

With cannabis manufacturers increasingly embracing the concept of childproof packaging, lots of developments are anticipated to shape the packaging industry in 2020 and beyond. Again, there is substantial evidence showing that childproof packaging is quite effective as far as preventing kids from consuming marijuana products is concerned. Therefore, child-resistant packaging is undoubtedly the fastest growing part of today’s packaging industry and there are some anticipated changes that are expected to define the industry in the future. Here is what to expect in 2020 and beyond as far as childproof packaging is concerned.

  1. Innovative designs of childproof packaging

Initially, lots of child-resistant packaging for marijuana products came in the form of bottles that had simple child-resistant closures. Nevertheless, more and more marijuana products are now coming in blister packs that provide a strong seal that children cannot open even using their teeth. Therefore, consumers can expect more innovative designs of childproof packaging in the coming years.

  • Eco-friendly packaging

With the debate on the importance of maintaining the eco-systems gaining momentum, manufacturers of childproof packaging will have to integrate the ‘eco-friendly’ idea in their products. In the future, packaging will not only be child resistant, but eco-friendly as well. This means the material used for making cannabis packaging will be biodegradable. Some of the suitable materials that will be used widely in the manufacturing of childproof packaging include corn starch, bubble wrap, biodegradable plastic, and cardboard among others.

  • More stringent methods of checking cannabis packaging for child resistance

Initially, FDA recommended that a sample consisting of not more than 50 children be used to test the child resistance capabilities of a packaging, whereby the children are not supposed to open that packaging in just 10 minutes. Nevertheless, packaging testing will become more stringent in the coming years as manufacturers strive to create packaging that is 100% childproof. As such, there will be more detailed methods of testing whether the packaging is completely child resistant. For instance, the sample size or the number of kids taking part in testing packaging may increase.

  • Childproof labeling will be mandatory

There are still some cannabis manufacturers that pack their products in child-resistant packages, yet those packages are not labeled as child resistant. Recently, FDA has been very strict on labeling and it has issued a set of labeling guidelines that manufacturers of marijuana packaging must adhere to. To help cannabis consumers know whether the packaging is childproof, FDA has recommended that child resistance statements should be clearly written on packages alongside the prescribing information. Therefore, by 2020, childproof labeling on marijuana packaging will be compulsory.

Parting Thoughts

Undeniably, lots of changes will take place in the packaging sector, particularly in childproof packaging.  From innovative childproof packaging designs to eco-friendly packaging, the changes that are set to occur in 2020 and the subsequent years are countless. As such, makers of cannabis packaging products have more to do other than meet the minimal childproofing requirements. They will absolutely need to embrace these anticipated changes.

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